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1-3 Players | 15-20 Minutes | Ages 10+

You are master painters of the Renaissance! ...Or you would be, if you had the right paints to complete your masterpieces!

In Pigment, send your pairs of Apprentices to the narrow, ever-evolving Bazaar to gather and trade pigments. Once you have enough to paint one of the three subjects currently available, send an Apprentice to fetch them. Each painting completed offers a unique Premier Piece Effect when on top of your gallery, and the first painter to complete 6 grand works wins!


Pigment is an elegant worker placement game for 2-3 players where you are gathering colorful pigments to mix your paints and finish your works. It was designed as a game with many strategic options available to experienced gamers, while being appealing and light enough to interest not-yet-gamers who love art. The Renaissance painting theme is both family-friendly and striking on the tabletop— the bright colors and bold masterpieces of Pigment are sure to draw a crowd when played in public!


All assets shown in videos are prototype-quality, and subject to beautification.

  • Send your Apprentices to the Bazaar one at a time, starting with the first player
  • Choose an Effect from one of the Bazaar Stalls on the card you visit to gather and trade pigments
  • Fetch Painting Subjects when you meet their requirements by using an Apprentice and your pigments
  • After all Apprentices are placed, recall them, display your completed Paintings as a Premier Piece, and update the Bazaar
  • Pass the First Player token
  • The first player to complete 6 paintings wins!


We will be using a portion of the funds from this campaign to acquire high-resolution images of the Renaissance paintings used, so the game will look even more stunning on your tables than ever before!

As a note, there are no crucifixion depictions, and no paintings with nudity in this game. All paintings used are kid-friendly, and often invoke a mystic wonder that I hope will inspire players to learn more about the paintings and the artists' lives.








Pigment will be sold for $14 during the Kickstarter period, and slightly more following the end of the campaign. If you live in the US, you're paying only $3 for shipping during the Kickstarter, which is factored into all pledge levels that get you the game. Anywhere else in the world, you'll only pay $8 total, represented by adding $5 to your pledge. Pledging for 2 copies with the "Pigment for Two" level gets you reduced shipping on the second box, no matter where in the world you are!

As well, for our backers in the EU, we are an EU-Friendly campaign! That means your extra $5 will be going towards VAT, and there are no extra customs charges on your end!


Our focus in creating Pigment is to keep it simple, fun, and easy to play for everyone. With that in mind, all stretch goals will be included in every copy of the game, no matter how many times it is reprinted in the future, thanks to you. By pledging now, you are improving the experience of playing Pigment for everybody who will ever buy it. 

CHECK! - At $8,000, we will be printing the game and shipping it to you! (This is the base funding goal for the campaign). 

CHECK! - At $8,500, we will be able to upgrade the cards in the game to linen-embossed cardstock, for increased durability and better “snap.”

CHECK! - At $9,000, the Apprentice meeples will be upgraded to screen-printed, custom-cut PAINTER MEEPLES! They’re utterly adorable, and we can’t wait to include these in every box. 

CHECK! - At $10,000, we’ll have a blast from the PAX—er, past. The original version of Pigment that we sold at PAX East 2017 came in a handmade cloth bag emblazoned with the game’s logo. Well, with this stretch goal, we will be able to upgrade each box to include a similar canvas bag! This bag will be large enough to hold the whole box, allowing for a fun, classy way to transport your game wherever you go.

The original 50 bags of Pigment
The original 50 bags of Pigment

CHECK! - At $11,000, we will add additional content to the game detailing a SINGLE-PLAYER VARIANT OF PIGMENT: SPEED PAINTING! This solitaire mode will be playable using the canvas bag unlocked at $10,000 and the rest of the components included in the game.

THIS JUST IN! 11/10/17 UPDATE: Thanks to a great turn of events, we are now able to offer our Single-Player "Speed Painting" mode of Pigment at a lower Stretch Goal threshold than earlier advertised-- dropping it from $15k to $11k! Further game modes will be detailed in the future as well on the Copper Frog Games LLC website after the campaign if we reach this goal. More paintings in play at once? Check! "Pyramid Mode" for seeing all upcoming painting subjects? You got it! Linking two copies of Pigment together for more players? We shall see!

BREAKING NEWS! 11/21/17 UPDATE: New stretch goal announced!

At $12,750, we will commission a variant "Forgery Pack" for the 2-player version of Pigment, which you will be able to order as an add-on through our friends at DriveThruCards. This will feature fun renditions of the core 11 paintings in the game done by a variety of our artistic friends, in their favorite styles.

At $13,000, the Forgery Pack will be upgraded to include the 3-player paintings as well!

We hope you share and support this campaign to help improve it for everyone who backs. We want to keep making great games, and these stretch goals will help make Pigment the game we’ve always known it could be.

Will we have more stretch goals or add-ons in the future? Back now and help us find out!

The illustrations for Pigment, including the Bazaar Cards and box cover art, were done by the illustrious Emily Hancock (Crown of Exile, FloraFiora, and more). Her bold yet flowing style has brought the world of a Renaissance-era bazaar to life, while respectfully framing the great painters her art shares the table with.

Pigment features 16 painting cards featuring portraits from such esteemed masters of the European Renaissance as…

  • Sandro Botticelli 
  • Raphael 
  • Andrea Solario 
  • Titian 
  • Leonardo da Vinci 
  • Dosso Dossi 

We love Renaissance art's exploratory nature, and how it shaped what we consider fine art for centuries to come. 

Pigment was designed by Michael Epstein of Copper Frog Games LLC as a response to the worker placement game genre’s often long play times and high costs. Pigment was conceived of after a particularly grueling game that took over an hour, with the question, "How can I bring this experience to life, but in half the time?" We believe we have succeeded in bringing many great aspects of the worker placement genre to a 15 to 20-minute, beginner-friendly game.

After a successful first showing at PAX East 2017, where we sold out of our hand-assembled, exclusive first-run copies brought for sale at the Gaming Paper booth, we knew Pigment was a hit. This game scratched an itch of many gamers for a fast and portable worker placement game, and now we need your help to get it to market after a long period of intense further development.

"With Pigment, I hope to lower the barrier to entry of the great genre of worker placement games. I wanted to provide both new and seasoned gamers a fun, beautiful product they can stick in their bag or pocket to bring anywhere, and play with almost anyone. I know that many fans enjoyed the first printing, and I hope that with a full and improved production run now, the rest of the world will enjoy it, too." 

-Michael Epstein, Copper Frog Games LLC


Plus local demos!
Plus local demos!

Find us at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA at booth 859 and Metatopia in Morristown, NJ throughout the campaign! We'll announce even more demo days as we schedule them in the Greater Boston Area at game stores, galleries, and cafes.



Available Rewards:

$19USD + Shipping

Pigment for You

One copy of Pigment, delivered to you anywhere in the US. Add $6 for international shipping.


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